Welcome To The Local Music Shop!

Local Music Shop offers music lessons on a wide variety of instruments.

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Violin, and more!!!

We are signing up new instructors as quickly as the students sign up.

We are not interested in telling you how much better we are than anybody else.

A Few Good Reasons to Take Lessons at Local Music:

  • Lessons are always ONLY $80.00 per month
  • Lessons are located within a store full of musical instruments and accessories
  • All of our staff has experience with children and adults that need motivation

Our teachers want to build their reputation with results, not by boring the students with sight reading “Mary had a little lamb” for 3 years. There is a time and a place for every type of musical experience. If the student needs to learn how to sight read, it can be taught. If the student just wants to learn how to play their favorite music, we teach songs with a little dose of ‘How it works’.

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The Local Music Shop!


The Local Music Shop